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Monday, March 3, 2008

Strawberry Bank July 2007

On July 4th 2007we had a parade in Amherst, NH and right after the parade we headed over to Strawberry bank. The parade was fun, but Kolby had to go to the bathroom about half way through it, so I had to fall out of line and rush him to a bathroom (which they weren't even going to let me use until I explained it was for my son!). We tried to rush back to everyone, but that's hard to do with a four year old that is already tired. So we just met up with them at the end.

At Strawberry bank we got to do some living history demonstrations, which was interesting. I had actually never been to Strawberry Bank before, so it was really neat to walk around. They have reenactors from RevWar, Civil War, WWII, and other time periods. Getting lunch while we were there though was an ordeal and a half! I think a few of our members stood for over an hour outside the Mexican cart waiting for their lunch! But overall it was a good time. The video above is of Todd singing a song to Kolby. And the picture below is a picture of my whole family, we don't get very many family pictures, so it's neat to have one of us especially dressed in our RevWar clothes.

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