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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The New Year

Well 2007 went out and 2008 has already come in. I started this blog last year, but didn't update it all, you will see some posts below that should be updated for all the events we had in 2007. I tried my best to outline some of the things we bought and needed for the year. There were quite a few things we did without, but we still had a blast and are too excited for the 2008 season to get here!! I have begun to make a list of the things we will need to make or buy for ourselves. I don't want to go overboard this year either, but since we needed EVERYTHING last year, it will be nice to just add to what we already have while spending, hopefully, less. I would also like to do some more reasearch this year and really work on becoming a more accurate potrayal. I don't think I will be able to do everything since I don't have that much to spend this year, but it will be good to learn more about the era and the people that lived during that time. So here's to 2008! The next few posts are things that have already happened, and hopefully I will be a little better about keeping this thing updated!

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