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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pot Luck Meeting, February 2008

On February 24th we had a pot luck meeting. We needed to have a meeting to hammer out the details of the schedule for 2008, so we all brought over a dish and made a night of it. We had our meeting, voted on our schedule, our family got officially voted into the regiment (yay!), we got to meet a new member, Lorenzo, (yay!), and then we had dinner. After dinner we went and watched some dvd's of past events, a few from this year and one that Joe brought from England in 1987. Everyone was abuzz that we might be going back to England in 2011. I hope we do! I think that would just be a blast!! The night was a fun night, and I am very excited about the upcoming year! Check out some more pictures from the night: photo album.

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