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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Last Meeting Before the Season February 2008

So tonight we had the last official meeting before the 2008 season starts. We started off with some meeting type stuff, which I am sure Bruce will send out in an email to anyone that needs to know. We got to meet another new member (Hi Glen!!), which is very exciting for us! After all the important stuff was handled, the boys got to drill for a bit. This was actually the first time I had seen the boys drill in the gym and they looked pretty darn good. It took a little bit to warm up from the rustiness of winter, but soon they were looking like they have been doing it for years (which some of them have)! The new guys fit right in, and looked to be having fun themselves. I think this will be a very fun year. I took a few pictures of them drilling, which can be seen below, and I also took some video of them. Unfortunately the batteries on my camera died, so I couldn't get any really good shots of them. Here are the pictures I got, and a short video I was able to get is at the bottom. Enjoy! :) (Well there was sound on the video, some awesome drumming by Todd, but I had to edit it on Windows Vista, which apparently doesn't play sound on my videos ... isn't that awesome? So you will just have to imagine some stellar drumming in your head!)

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