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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Adding the Buttons

So today we decided to go ahead and attempt to add the buttons to Kris' Regimental jacket. I knew we would have to cut the holes open for the buttons, so I grabbed a steak knife (we have very sharp steak knives). When Kris saw what I was going to use, he suggested using one of his utility knives. I wasn't sure how well they would work, but I figured it was worth a try. So I grabbed a notebook I didn't care about, so I would have something hard to press against and gave the knife a go.

It actually worked out really well!! The knife cut through the layers of wool in one stroke and it was a very clean cut, so I was very happy that Kris made that suggestion. Once we had the holes cut I had to mark where I wanted the buttons to go, luckily since I am a quilter I had a marking pencil. I just laid the flaps of the jacket flat, and poked the pencil through the holes and marked away. I am not sure if this is the most efficient way to do this, but it was the best I could think of.

So once I finally had all the buttons marked, it was time to sew them on. Now I was very glad that we had someone else's regimentals when we came to this part. At first I was going to sew the buttons through all the layers, but Kris mentioned that the other jacket didn't have the string showing on the inside, I looked at it and sure enough the buttons had been sewn just into the top layer of wool leaving the lining clean. So I went ahead and did it that way, it was a little harder to do, making sure not to catch the lining, but it really wasn't bad. Kris helped with sewing on the buttons too. (Well actually he only sewed on one button and gave up, but he may not admit to that. LOL) So I have to finish the buttons on the sides and then I have to do the small buttons on the cuffs. Once I am done it will be ready for Kris to wear! I am so excited to have one project done before the season starts!! Now I only have ... oh 100 or so ... left to do! :) :) :)

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