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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fort Taber, MA August 2007

The Fort Taber Event was a fun event. It was in New Bedford, MA so it wasn't too long of a drive to get there. However, it was right on the water, so the wind off the water was terrible the whole weekend. Somehow we managed to live through it all. Of course the drunken watermelon was a big help! :-) On Saturday night we had what I like to call "Hurricane Fort Taber." The wind really picked up as the night went on, and I thought for sure that our tent would blow over. In fact I was holding on to our center pole, much to the amusement of Kris, but I wasn't too keen on having the tent collapse right on top of us. Once the wind slowed a bit, I went out to pound in some more stakes, because of course I hadn't bothered to put them all in since we weren't expecting it to storm up like it did. When I went out, I discovered that unfortunately not everyone was as lucky as we were to have our tent still standing. Most of the smaller tents that were held down with ropes had collapsed and been abandoned. The owners, must have gone to their cars to sleep. We had a few close calls with our kitchen fly as well that weekend, but we managed to keep everything standing and had a great time despite the weather. It was quite an adventure and made the event quite memorable. Unfortunately I did not take one single picture from that day, and our website doesn't have any up as of yet, but I was able to find a pretty cool montage on YouTube from the event. I believe the pictures were taken by a visitor of the event, and there are a few in there from our group. Hope you enjoy!

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