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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Timeline Project

So this is a project I have wanted to do since I started the blog. I want to take a timeline of the Revolutionary War and explore each event a little more. I really enjoy getting to know the people themselves, and researching that, which I will continue to do, but I also want to have some more knowledge about the events and politics of the time. Right now I know next to nothing. The Revolutionary War was not a time period I was particularly interested in until we fell into this hobby. So if anyone has anything to add to any of my posts in order to point me in the direction of where I can do more research, or if you just have some good info to share, I would love to hear it!

I have decided to use two timelines. One is more general, the other more detailed for the individual battles themselves. However, I am willing to take suggestions for a better timeline if someone has one.

More General Timeline
More Detailed Time Line

I will do my research mostly on the web, though I may venture out to some books as well. But I am a child of the information age, so I prefer the ease of researching on the Internet. Also I am by no means a historian, so I cannot go to the root of all of this and do some hard-core research, I will be using research from other people and, of course, I will cite my source for you. Again if you have suggestions of where I can look for more info, I would appreciate it oh so much!

This will be a work in progress. I will do my best to keep things in date order, but if I find new and interesting information about an older post, I will share it. I want my blog to be a holding ground for all the information I learn about this time period, therefore I am not going to leave anything out for the sake of keeping the blog clean. Not all my sources will be 100% accurate I am sure, but really is anything? If I need to correct something I put in here, I will.

My Timeline as it Stands:


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Who was Andrew Oliver?
What were Patrick Henry's Resolves?
What is Tar and Feathering?

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