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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Birdsboro, PA 2008 - Part 7 - Let's Get the Truck Outta There!

So I am going to go on the assumption here that after 6 parts to this Daniel Boone Homestead epic, you are pretty sick of hearing about the mud. Well come Sunday morning we were all sick of hearing about, seeing, and being in the mud too. But we couldn't get away from it, so sadly, neither can you. The night was rather cold, and we were all curled up under as many blankets as we could find to try and keep warm in our tents. It didn't work well. So come morning, we were all just muddy, wet, and cold. Doesn't that sound like fun?

I actually got up before the sun and took a stroll fast paced walk run to the bathroom. And I am pretty sure I saw Bruce hanging around outside. I just snapped a quick picture since I didn't want to disturb him, he looked so content.

I think he was becoming one with the mud, or I could have had one too many of those lovely drinks from our lovely bartender and imagined the whole thing. Hard to tell which it was.

The night prior we had decided that we would just get the truck out of Birdsboro in the morning. We all had a long drive (let's hope ours wasn't as long as the drive up), and it was still muddy, and we just didn't want to stay anymore. So we had to face the music and pack up in the mud.

By Sunday morning our tent looked like a tornado had struck it, I couldn't put things away neatly because everything was muddy, and I didn't want the muddy stuff touching the clean stuff, so I had just let it all go where ever it went and pretty much just shoved it all in plastic bags when we were ready to pack the car.

As the tents were brought down, we saw all the glorious mud underneath. Of course it made folding up the tents a tricky situation, but I think we all survived, and our tents just look all the more worn in!

Now I am going to take a slight departure from the mud and packing up (don't worry we'll get back there) to show you a glimpse of just how some of these pictures get composed. I can tell that by now, this being part seven of our series here, you are asking yourself What happens behind the scenes of all those beautiful pictures? Well in the spirit of learning, I thought I would share with you how the following picture was put together.

Rachel walks back from filling up car with lots of muddy boxes and bags
Bruce: You know you're taking pictures of everyone else, but none of you.
Rachel: You think everyone wants to see me like this?
Bruce: Yeah.
Rachel hands Bruce camera: Okay, but only if I can get a picture with the captain.
Captain: My wife's gonna love this.

And there you have it! A masterpiece. That's magic people, you can't force that.

Moving on.

Once our individual camps were down and our cars were packed, we all teamed up and broke camp. It was all done in lightening speed. Before anyone could even blink all the tents and tarps were down ...

the fire pit was filled with water ...

and the truck was packed.

And of course the kids had to get in one last battle before we left. I think they found that mud monster I had seen earlier in the morning. Don't shoot till you see the white in his eyes!

Scratch that ... SHOOT! FIRE!! DO SOMETHING!!!

After we were all packed and ready to go, we decided to go out for breakfast. Everyone was looking especially dapper and mud free.

Except for this one crazy lady who wouldn't leave us alone. She followed us here and she wouldn't leave. And she brought the mud with her. Who let her in here anyway? SECURITY!

All in all, this weekend was an adventure. We had fun because we survived it. And we get to be a part of the story.

Remember that time we went camping in Arizona?
Oh yeah, and we had to cook eggs without a spatula.
And the mud monster came out at night.
And he was sending me text messages.
And then we found the spatula as we were packing up Sunday morning?

Good times. Good times.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The end.

To see all the pictures from Sunday, click here.

Believe me yours faithfully,

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