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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memorial Day Parade - May 2008

Two good things happened on Memorial Day. The first thing is that it was our official 1 year anniversary with the First New Hampshire. The 2007 Memorial Day parade was the first event that Kris dressed for. Kolby and I did not dress, but we were there for moral support. It is fun to see just how much we were able to get together between then and now. At that time he didn't have his own gun or a regimental, now he has both! We really enjoy being a part of the first New Hampshire, and I am sure that every year we do the Memorial Day parade, it will be a sweet anniversary for us.

We had a good turn out at this parade. I snapped a few photos in the parking lot before we took off for the march.

When the British marched by, the boys had fun shooting at them. Oh how quickly they learn who the enemy is!

And this is where I tell you the second good thing that happened today. After these few pictures of the parade, my camera died. The batteries wouldn't hold a charge and I couldn't take any more shots. So after we left the parade, we went to Circuit City and got me a new camera!! Yay!! I hated my old one with a passion, so I am hoping this one will do a better job taking good pictures for me. I decided to try the camera out while Kris was cleaning his gun that night. Here's one shot I was able to get.

See the sparks from the flint there? I think it came out pretty good. (And his gun is working now!!) So I will be able to use the new camera for our next event and decide if it's better than the old one. If it's not, I may return it, but I can already tell that I am going to like this one a lot better. And we finally got the old one working properly and Kris will be holding on to that one for himself.

So even though I didn't get more pictures of the parade, it went well. This is probably one of my favorite parades we do, because it's short, sweet, and to the point. Afterwards we had some good eats at Cracker Barrel. It was fun to go there all dressed up, all we heard from everyone was "So did you do a parade?" I realize most people don't go to reenactments, but do they really think we would buy all this stuff to do 3 parades a year? I guess they do!

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