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Friday, June 13, 2008

West Boylston - June 2008 - News from the Front

There's nothing better then sitting around an open campfire, in the early morning drinking coffee and preparing for the day ahead.

Except when a beautiful lady fetches you a glass of water of course, since it was scorching hot out, Rachel wanted to make sure I was completely hydrated.

While I concentrated on the battle and Rachel concentrated on the water, Kolby concentrated on what was most important, at least to him anyway, filling his tummy.

After the necessities were taken care of we lined up to prepare for battle.

I was exceptionally happy about going into battle.

As we marched into battle Kolby and Jeffery said that they would meet us there.

We waited around for them to show up …

but they must have gotten lost …

or just have gotten a better offer …

Whatever the reason, we waited for them as long as we could, until finally our O.M.V. (official military vehicle) showed up.

Although Dan was still deep in thought about what had happened to the boys.

Upon arrival to the field we took care of the necessities ... our mid morning snack.

In the past my musket didn't work, in fact due to a soft frizzen, it didn't work once in Pennsylvania. In West Boylston (after I had sent it to the shop to get the frizzen hardened), the musket completely redeemed itself. It turned into the little musket that could. That, however, is the reason I don’t have more pictures of the skirmish itself. Since I was fighting in the skirmish, and not trying to fix my musket, I wasn't able to get many pictures, though I did manage a few.

Bruce and myself volunteered for a detachment of six to go into the battle separately from the rest of the group. At first the rest of the group was hesitant to accept me since I'm still sort of new to the hobby ...

but after I got my hands or face a little dirty, they warmed right up.

I do want to take the time to thank them all for allowing me to fight with them and taking the time to teach me so much.

Finally after a morning of combat, sweating it in the woods, we were able to surface stack our muskets …

and mingle amongst our allies and the British. It was the “99 Degree Heat Truce”.

However, a small group did not take part in the truce.

Nana Janie didn't mind the truce she was just disappointed that there were no Indians.

Soon, however, we all had to prepare for another battle …

We did post lookouts …

and while no one was looking we kept the truce going for as long as we could.

Finally though, as nice as the truce was, our friends became our targets …

after the French fired the first shot …

and so then the little musket that could decided that it didn't want to play anymore. So I was left holding the camera. The battle was excellent.

Both sides fought well, even if those that died did so conveniently in the shade.

The red coats fought hard …

but were no match for the mightiness of the continentals …

well some of them anyway.

In the end, the heat got to everyone and since most of them were laying in the shade anyway, or their muskets stopped firing. There was no clear winner in the battle, except maybe the sun ... or Kolby and Jeffery, who were really the smart ones.

And I want to thank the town of West Boylston for having us it was truly a wonderful time.

Very respectful,

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