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Monday, June 2, 2008

Birdsboro, PA 2008 - Part 6 - The Homestead

This is the view I had of the colonial encampment after coming back from the battle. As you can see, there are rows of MUD in the grass. I know how much you all love hearing about the mud, so I can't very well leave it out of this portion either, now can I? I just love the look of these tents all lined up, it's one of my favorite vies at these events.

The kids decided not to watch the battle with us because they were having so much fun playing together. I snuck over after the battle to see just what the kids were up to, and the tallest one was giving orders to his "troops" and they were all too happy to follow. They darted in and around the tents to get a good shot at the "enemy." It was too adorable. I am sure they will all make find Rev War soldiers one day.

Kitty had started roasting dinner for us while I was away watching the boys in battle. She was cooking a beef and pork roast over the open fire. She had turning the spit down to a science and they both turned out perfectly cooked. I boiled up some carrots and potatoes to go with it, and it made for a very hearty meal.

The men arrived back from the battle, proudly marching through the camp. I actually didn't see the end of the battle, and I never bothered to ask who won, but I am sure whether they won or lost, they put up a good fight in the end.

Not all of the guns worked properly while fighting, Kris' gun didn't fire at all. It can be very frustrating when you want to be a part of the whole thing and you can't because of a non-functioning gun. I believe Art's gun was also having a little trouble in the battle. Here he is inspecting it afterwards.

Before dinner was served, Kris and I went to explore the Homestead. There were living historians there that took the time to explain to us a little bit about Daniel Boone's life and the time he spent here. Here is one of the first rooms we visited. Check out the videos to hear some music and a good explanation of this room.

We also toured the rest of the house. It was set up as it would have been during Daniel Boone's time. Check out this Wikipedia page to learn a bit more about Daniel Boone and his life. It's very interesting. I always thought of him as a frontiersman, a pioneer, which of course he is, but he is so much more! I learned a lot about him just from our small tour.

Here's a rare shot of Kris and I together outside the house, Art was kind enough to take it for us.

When we headed over to the blacksmith shop, the blacksmith offered for Kris to climb in and take a closer look. I snapped a quick picture of the two of them. The blacksmith was a very engaging speaker and really gave us some great insight into Daniel Boone's life.

Kris took this shot of me taking a rest after walking so much. I have a hard time standing and walking for a long time because I have a bad back and shin splints, so I laid down for a bit to try and take a small rest. I think Kris did an awesome job composing this picture. I very rarely like pictures of me, but I really like this one!

As the night wore down, we all were very tired. There was of course some after hours spirit to be had, made by our favorite bartender.

Hey woman, make me something strong!

Okay Bruce didn't really say that, I just thought it was funny. But Debbie does make a mighty fine drink that always seem to make me feel a little bit lightheaded at the end of the night!

We even had a first on this trip! Debbie has been doing this for 8 years now, I believe, and she admitted that this was the first time she has ever drank in 3 inches of mud!! How about that! Glad we could be there to experience this first with you!

There were also some snacks to be shared, and some lively conversation to be had.

We were even joined by Janie for a little bit!!

But, even with all the good drinks, food, and conversations, everyone headed off to bed a little earlier then usual. Fighting with all the mud can really wear a person out!

To see all the pictures from Saturday afternoon/evening check out my photo album here.

Believe me yours faithfully,

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