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Friday, July 18, 2008

Hubbardton, VT 2008 - Sunday

Sunday opened with some super yummy muffins made by Lori and Debbie. The men would have an early battle, so we started them off with some muffins before they went, and we would have a full breakfast when they returned.

Before the battle, there was some early morning conversation …

Then it was time to go to the first battle.

I will once again defer to Kris to describe the battle for you, but the morning battle was a recreation of the actual battle that took place here. We were so close to it, that I really felt like I was there. It was probably one of my favorite battles to date. Here are just a few shots for you.

The kids really enjoyed having a front row seat …

By the end of the battle nearly every single guy in our unit was dead.

But what followed is probably one of my favorite parts of any battle … “The dead shall rise!”

After the first battle a breakfast of eggs and sausage was made. The second battle was going to happen at 1:00. During the little break we had, Bruce, Kris and myself headed over to the museum. They had a light up map that showed how the battle occurred here, which I really enjoyed seeing. After the museum, we headed up the hill to go for a little walk, and we ran into Debbie.

It was so peaceful to just sit up there and enjoy the view. We eventually walked back down to have lunch, which Kitty made. It was chicken pieces and potato salad, which of course tasted very good.

Shortly after lunch it was time for the second battle of the day. Once again I will let Kris explain that one to you, but of course it went well (well at least from my perspective it did).

After the battle it was time to pack up. Once Kris changed, we matched without even meaning to! (Bright color alert! If you are prone to seizures, please skip over this photo)

Janie was holding try-outs for the First New Hampshire Chorus Line …

I also grabbed a quick shot of a couple of Marines who had no trouble whatsoever pulling a little metal rod out of a wooden pole, even though I may have pulled it out for them, but it can’t be proven and the forensics aren’t back yet, so we’ll just pretend like it never happened. Don’t worry guys your secret is safe with me!

After we were all finally packed, it was time for the long drive home.

Thanks Hubbardton for another great weekend! I think I may have to agree with Kris and say that this is becoming one of my favorite places to play. If you want to see all the pictures from Sunday, be sure to check out my gallery here.

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