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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hubbardton, VT 2008 - Breaking Fast

Today it was my turn to make breakfast for the troops. This was actually the first time I have made breakfast at a reenactment. Since it was a lazy morning and the guys really didn't have any where important to be, I didn't rush to cook too early. When I finally felt that enough people were awake to warrant me cooking, I had Lindsay and Larissa help me get things started by cracking the eggs into a bowl.

Then they came over and tossed the bacon into the pan so I could cook it. Yes we took the easy way out today and we bought the pre-cooked bacon, but hey camp didn't open till 10:00 and it made so much less of a mess then uncooked bacon!

I ended up making a big 'ole bowl of bacon, but I knew it wouldn't last long.

Bacon never seems to last long no matter where you are, well except maybe if you were at the local vegetarian convention, which we weren't, so it was all gone before lunch.

After the bacon was cooked, the girls dipped the bread for the French toast while I cooked it up.

And I didn’t even burn a single slice!! I tried to keep the pan half on and half off the fire to control the heat. I am still learning how to cook over an open flame, but it's getting better every time I do it!

Everyone seemed to enjoy breakfast. Larissa and Lindsay were really the ones who made it, I just cooked it. Soon enough, they too will learn how to cook over an open flame and they will be making meals all on their own. *sob* Our girls are growing up!!

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