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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hubbardton, VT 2008 - REVENGE OF THE BRITISH

Hello again to all! Sorry it has taken a while for me to get back to writing this. Thanks so much to my wife, Rachel, for covering for me in my absence, but I figured I should probably write this now since Sturbridge is next week and Hubbardton will be lost in our memories until next year. So anywho … with out further ado let me give you “Revenge of the British.”

Well we were all sitting around eating a wonderful breakfast …

feeling pretty good about our stellar victory over the red coats the day prior …

When suddenly the British appeared from over the hill.

It was once again back to business as usual.

So we rallied for the cause …

We charged forward on the advancing redcoats …

Exchanging musket fire as we went.

Just when we thought that we had driven them back …

They came at us with a vengeance, pushing us back down the hill.

Sadly Bruce was the first of many casualties.

The next causality was Art.

We fought hard …

and well …

But in the end our leadership stood alone.

Yes I even took a fall in this one.

But I don’t feel bad because the one that got me, took out Glen and I with one shot, which is a pretty amazing feat in and of itself.

Yes, at the end of the day the British had their revenge, and while our loved ones mourned our loss …

I choose to remember the better times when we stood for God, Country, and Freedom.

Remember, while we may have lost the battle, we did not lose the war.


Keep the faith my son, keep the faith.

Very respectful,

1 comment:

Hercules Mulligan said...

I'm sorry you were shot (lol, though it's not exactly funny!).

Ever heard of the story told by Jim Bridger, famous frontiersman? He was spinning a tall tale about himself being chased by an Indian to a group of spellbound children. When he finally reached the part where the Indian grabbed him by the hair and prepared to scalp Jim, the children shouted for Jim to hurry up and tell what happenened next.

His face grew sad and solemn. He concluded, "He kilt me!"

Well, it seems you have recovered! There's no stopping the drive of a reenactor, fearless against all the blanks of the musket-toting (reenacting) enemy!