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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hubbardton, VT 2008 - Sleeping Outside

Taken at 5:30 AM:

One of the drawbacks to sleeping outside is that when the sun rises, it’s pretty darn hard to continue to sleep. When you go camping, sleeping in means sleeping till 7 AM, and that’s pushing it as it is. Most likely you weren’t sleeping till 7, you were actually lying there looking at the ceiling of your tent cursing the sun, while simultaneously wondering if a darkening cloth could be stitched to the tent as a lining. Then you hear the cannon go off (Now THAT’S a wake up call) and you sigh and roll over and drag yourself out of the tent, and start stumbling toward the dining fly, all the while muttering to yourself that if you were home, the shades would be pulled and you’d still be dreaming, but then you encounter this …

And you realize that someone dragged THEIR butt out of bed even earlier then you and made a hot pot of coffee over a roaring fire.

Then you hear singing on the hill …

And you see a pile of chairs showing how many good friends were around the fire last night …

And you run into someone that has no problem waking up the moment the sun rises …

And you slowly start to remember why you love sleeping in a white, 18th century replica tent so much.

Me? I just get up at 5:30 and take peaceful pictures, why even bother fighting it?

Believe me yours faithfully,

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