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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth of July 2008 - Amherst, NH Parade

On July Fourth, the First New Hampshire had a few events going on. The first event we had was a parade in Amherst, NH. We had a great turn out for the parade! It was so nice to hang around before the parade and talk to everyone.

The guys lined up fairly early because we were going to be leading the parade! Makes sense since it was July Fourth (ya know Declaration of Independence and all).

Those of us that would be following behind the guys also got ready to step out. (Or just waited around, while the guys did their checks.)

Bruce and Kris also took the momentary wait to step off to get a picture with Governor Lynch. He was very gracious, and it was nice to meet him in person.

Once we finally stepped off …

the crowd seemed pleased to see us march by …

except some who were nervous about the guns.

We were walking right in front of the Governor, he was such a nice guy, waving to everyone, saying hi and just being exceptionally friendly. It was very nice to see!

After the parade, the guys did their final gun check to make sure they weren’t still loaded …

and we were all sent on our way.

Some of the members headed over to Strawberry Bank to do an event there and to meet up with some other members who didn’t make it to the parade. The others headed up to Hubbardton, VT for the event there. We ended up following Art and Lindsay. We stopped at a little diner in Peterborough, NH and had an awesome lunch.

After lunch we headed right to Hubbardton and got everything set up and ready for the weekend.

Stay tuned for pictures from Saturday and Sunday! It was a great weekend, we had a large turn out, the weather was nice, and the battles were awesome! To see the rest of the pictures from July Fourth, be sure to check out my album here.

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