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Saturday, August 2, 2008

An Onion Pye

So I joined a new group recently that focuses on recipes from the 18th century. One of my fellow participants posted a great recipe for "Onion Pye." This recipe was printed in "Art of Cookery" written by Hannah Glasse in 1747. I thought the recipe sounded interesting, not sure if it would taste any good, but perhaps I will try making it at home first and have it as a side dish for the brave at heart at an event! Here is the recipe for "An Onion Pye":

Wash and pare some potatoes, and cut them in slices, peel some onions, cut them in slices, pare some apples and slice them, make a good crust, cover your dish, lay a quarter of a pound of butter all over, take a quarter of an ounce of mace beat fine, a nutmeg grated, a teaspoonful of beaten pepper, three tea spoonfuls of salt, mix all together, strew some over the butter, lay a layer of potatoes, a layer of onion, a layer of apple, and a layer of eggs, and so on, till you have filled up your pye, strewing a little of the seasoning between each layer, and a quarter of a pound of butter in bits, and six spoonfuls of water. Close your pye, and bake it an hour and a half: A pound of potatoes, a pound of onions, a pound of apples, and twelve eggs will do.

It has been determined that the eggs should be hardboiled, not raw. Sounds like an interesting mix of ingredients!

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