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Monday, August 11, 2008

Old Sturbridge Village 2008 - Saturday Afternoon

The second half of Saturday started off with a super yummy lunch that consisted of chicken pieces and muffins made by Debbie, a cool cucumber salad made by Lori and grapes brought by me. (I know I had the easy end of that bargain!)

The food was very much enjoyed, and it really filled the men up before they went off to battle.

Kolby gave us a little lunchtime entertainment …

June and Kitty had a good rhythm going with their tape making and couldn’t be tempted away even by the offer of good vittles.

After lunch a Larissa and Lori worked on their lucets weaving string (ropes? Not sure what you would call them!) to be used in their petticoats (or anything else that requires tying).

Finally it was time for the Saturday battle. Once again I will let Kris tell you all about the goings on, but here are a few pictures and videos that I took from the battle …

Towards the end of the battle it started to rain. A few of us went and made hand dipped candles, and then we headed back to the dining fly. By then the boys were back and it was pouring. Everyone crammed under the dining fly to try and keep dry …

One improvised and stayed dry under the kitchen tent …

Most of us gave up and headed over to the tavern for a drink, so we could be dry inside …

After the rain, Jeffrey and Kolby had fun splashing around in the puddles. Luckily, even with the rain, it really wasn’t muddy. For that I was very grateful because I think we had enough mud from Boone Homestead to last us a few seasons at least.

For dinner, I had brought some roasts to cook up. We weren’t sure of how long to cook them, June had a thermometer to use (not period correct, I know, but we didn’t want to kill anyone either), but none of us really use a thermometer to cook with. So it was a bit of back and forth to try and settle on how long they should cook for and what temperature they should be at. But we finally figured it all out and got them cooked up properly (and no one died) (that I know of).

And Bob was kind enough to cut them for us …

In addition to the roasts, I boiled some potatoes (very boring) and Debbie made a truly delicious vegetable medley that included carrots, green and yellow zucchini, onions, and green peppers.

And of course everyone enjoyed the dinner very much!!

After dinner Janie came by to read Kolby the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar, and surprised him with a book she had brought.

Which involved some audience participation, and was enjoyed by all …

By now it was time for dessert and we got to enjoy the pie that Debbie had made earlier and a few pies that June made as well. Kolby liked the pie so much, he decided he couldn’t wait for an eating utensil before he dug in.

At the end of the night, there was a dance in one of the buildings and Kris and I wandered over there to check it out. We found a few people that were already enjoying the festivities.

There was a lot of dancing going on and even some singing from the HMS Somerset crew.

Saturday was a great day overall, even with the little bit of rain that we had. Stay tuned for all the festivities from Sunday. If you want to see all the pictures from Saturday afternoon, be sure to check out my gallery here.

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