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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birdsboro, PA 2008 - Part 2 - Swimming in Mud

Once we had arrived safe and sound, we had a good decent night's sleep. It was beyond cold that night. We had brought our down comforter and we were still chilly to our core. It's unusual for us to be cold because we keep our room quite chilly at home, but this was cold and damp air which is just the worst. When we woke up the red clay/mud problem slowly became more and more apparent. We had laid a towel at the front of our tent to try and keep things clean in there and in the morning it had already started to be quite covered with red clay.

And the reason this happened was because there was mud EVERYWHERE but especially in front of the tents because where ever there was more traffic, there was more mud.

The night prior we had gotten the 411 that everyone had headed to Wally World and bought pairs of rubber boots and most of them intended on wearing them all day. When we first awoke, I didn't want to spend the money to go and get that stuff. I figured we could make do with what we had. I sent Kolby out to play with his 21st century clothes on and his shoes that were already filthy from the night before.

Kris got up and wandered over to the dining fly. Since there weren't many of us at this encampment, it was rather barren over there. But a few people were starting to get up and get things started. Kris decided he would be helpful this morning, and he started the fire for us.

Bruce was trying to get some wood chopped so we could have kindling for the fire, but because of all the oopy, goopy red clay it wasn't working out too well.

I was walking around in my pajama pants and my shoes that were already ruined from the night before. I was trying to keep my pants up so that the mud wouldn't cover the bottom of these like they did my jeans. It was a great look.

After all this, we finally decided that perhaps it was best to make a run to Wally World and get the boots. So we did. We got rubber boots, new shoes for Kris, socks for everyone, towels and a hope that our feet would remain nice and dry throughout the day.

(Yes I did get some interesting looks from the people behind us in line for taking this picture ... "Look honey it's that place we had heard about on that new fangled thing ... the uh .... radio ... it's the Wal-Marts!!")

When we returned it was time to start the adventure we like to call "Cooking breakfast in three inches of mud with no utensils."

Believe me yours faithfully,

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