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Friday, May 23, 2008

Birdsboro, PA 2008 - Part 3 - The Morning Mud

When it came time to cook breakfast, we had a few problems going on. The first was our fire. If anyone has ever cooked over a fire, they know how difficult it can be. A fire is much hotter then a stove and it's extremely difficult to get low heat on it. Because of how hot our fire was, the sausages ended up looking blacker then normal in order to get them cooked all the way through. But our captain did his best to keep those puppies moving around in the pan.

Even though they looked overcooked, I thought they tasted fine. Cooking over a hot fire is always an adventure and a half!!

The second problem we had was that we could not find all of our utensils. Kitty had intended on making egg sandwiches, but our spatula was no where to be found. We also had a few other things missing, so Bruce and Dan went out to my new favorite place, Wally World, and picked up some necessities for us. Now that's what I call hunting and gathering!! Since the spatula is a special one that is period looking, we couldn't get one of those anywhere nearby, plus we thought we knew where it was, it just wasn't here. So Kitty had to adjust her meal plan, and ended up making scrambled eggs instead.

In addition to the food, we needed some drinks. We have two coolers that we fill for the day. One has just plain water, the other is water with lemonade, iced tea, fruit drink, or some combination thereof. Lori was kind enough to put it all together for us this day.

And of course there was freshly brewed coffee made right over the fire, which was greatly appreciated after a sleepless night because of the cold, and a morning filled with mud, mud, and more mud.

But regardless of the mishaps at breakfast, it was enjoyed and it filled our bellies for the beginning part of the day.

Oh and have I mentioned the muddy red clay? Everything we had suddenly became Adobe, we no longer felt like we were camping in Pennsylvania, as Bruce put it "Remember that event we had in Arizona?"

Now see if we had thought ahead, we could have found some creative uses for the mud other than letting it cover everything we owned. We could have built a house with it:

Or we could have even built our very own mud wrestling pit:

Hmmmm I guess we'll have to keep those ideas in mind for the next time we find ourselves unwittingly in Arizona.

After breakfast I decided to wander away from camp for a bit. Bad idea. As I stepped away, I got held up by gun and sword point.

Oh what's a fine lady to do? Well, run away screaming of course! Isn't that what you would do?

If you want to see all the pictures from the morning click here.

Believe me Faithfully Yours,

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