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Friday, August 24, 2007

What the Heck is RevWar?

My family and I recently (okay well really 4 months ago) embarked on a journey of a lifetime. We decided to become re-enactors. In May of 2007 I did some research online looking for some Civil War units in NH. I knew it would be a hard sell to get my South Carolina boy to join the union army, but we both really wanted to delve into the world of re-enacting, and we didn’t know of any other options. I found a couple of groups online and sent out a couple of emails. One group actually called me up, the First NH. I started talking to the captain, Joe, and he explained to me that they were not a Civil War unit as I had thought they were, but they were in fact a Revolutionary War unit. I started to get more excited, I knew that my husband would have less of a problem re-enacting RevWar, as it’s called, then he would joining the Union army. Joe let us know when and where their next meeting was offering for us to join them. He explained that they would meet for a short time and then they would do drilling with the guys after. He also informed us that this was the last meeting until next winter; the rest of the year would be spent at re-enactments.

I was a little bit nervous about joining. It’s always hard to start something new, especially something that you have never experienced before. We had never even been to a re-enactment prior to joining. But I knew it would be something great for our family to do and it would create memories for us that we couldn’t even imagine right now. Since I wasn’t sure how the meetings would be set up, I didn’t want to take Kolby to the first one. He does not know how to sit still and I didn’t want our first impression to be a bad one. I told Kris to go by himself. He was not too keen on that idea, but finally he sucked it up and went. I knew that his feelings on the group would ultimately decide if we would join or not. Since he would be the one doing the battles, if he wasn’t too enthusiastic about it, there would be no chance of us joining. I didn’t want it be a forced thing, so everyone had to be on board to make it enjoyable.

When he got home from the meeting, I could tell that he was glowing. I started to get excited because I could tell just by looking at him, that he had thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. He explained that they had a little meeting and then they did some drilling with muskets. Kris fell in love immediately. He was so excited when he got home he could have busted! He simply told me that he loved it, he wanted to do it, and so I had better figure out what we need. I asked him if he had any paperwork that explained what we may need to gather, he said they did, but he had been so excited about drilling he left the paperwork there. And so began my journey in setting up a RevWar life.

The regiment we joined was The First New Hampshire. The website for this is:

If anyone else is interested in joining, there's a form on the website you can fill out! We are a super nice group and we love to have new people around!!

Believe me yours faithfully,

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