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Friday, August 24, 2007

Fort 4 in Charlestown, NH June 2007

Our first official reenactment was at Fort 4 on June 2, 2007. We didn't stay overnight with the rest of the regiment because we had not yet gotten our tent. We wanted to have one day where we went and observed what went on at a reenactment as well. We were both able to get dressed. We had a few things we had to buy here to be able to participate, I had to buy my shift and cap and we also had to buy mugs so we could drink. Kris got to go out and do a battle this day, and he was actually able to shoot this time! He borrowed a gun from another regiment member. We knew that he would probably have to borrow a gun for the whole 2007 season since purchasing a gun was to in our budget at all right now, and both Bruce and Mark were very helpful in lending Kris a gun throughout the year. We were not sure if we would even get one for the 2008 season, but we were going to try. It is so much better to have your own stuff and not have to borrow. But I am very glad that all that all the members are very understanding and allowed us to borrow so much in the beginning. Fort 4 ended up being a fun day overall. I didn't take any pictures at the event (forgot my camera!!), but here is a link to some pictures that are on our regiment's website: Fort 4.

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