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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Battle of the Hook

Last weekend a rather large event was hosted in Virginia. It was called Battle of the Hook. We were unable to attend ourselves due to the price of gas (who knew it would drop by over a dollar??) and just the general cost of day to day life. We couldn't afford to spend any more this month. However, it sounds like it was a well planned event and about 1,500 reenactors were able to show up. I wanted to share some links to a few articles and photo albums that people have posted on the web:

Daily Press Article

Photo Gallery

Gazette Journal Article

Pictures by "Photo Reflections by Wendy" - Album 1

Pictures by "Photo Reflections by Wendy" - Album 2

Pictures by "Photo Reflections by Wendy" - Album 3

Photos from Schottelius' Coy Brunswick Jagers

Photos from 2nd Mass - Album 1

Photos from 2nd Mass - Album 2

Photos from 2nd North Carolina

And here are a few videos I found:

I will update this post as more pictures are shared on the world wide web!

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Kieran said...

Is that the storming of Rebout 10?

Rachel said...

I am not sure!! I did not actually take these myself, as I could not attend the event. Maybe someone that knows the answer will come along for you! :)