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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Battleroad, MA April 2008

Today we went to Battle Road. This was the first time we have done this particular event. We followed Bruce down, since we had no clue as to how to get there. It wasn't too far away, but I am glad we followed him, it was just a bit off the beaten path, and I am sure I would have gotten lost 10 times before I found it. I really need to get a GPS, but that's something for another post. We arrived and met up with a few other people from the regiment. We also went and checked out the few Sutlers that were there. There were only three, so there wasn't too much shopping done. But we did find out that the price of flints will be going up this year. I guess flints are imported from England and because the US dollar is weakening as compared to the British pound, the flints cost more to get here. Last year they were $1 and they could be going up to $1.25 to $2 if not even more by some sutlers! I guess we will need to do some real price comparisons from now on! I find it kind of amusing that we as reenactors, reenacting the injustice of increased prices on imports from England, are still to this day affected by increased prices on British imports. Albeit it's not direct taxation this time, but I find the parallels pretty amusing regardless.

The first battle, which took place after lunch, was in the National Park itself. This battle was to reenact the battle that occurred here on April 19, 1775. You can read more about the events directly on the Battle Road website by clicking on "What happened on that day." The battle went well. It was a little difficult for the crowd to see, because most of the action happened farther away, but even so it was interesting to see. It was even more interesting to think that 233 years earlier on this exact day, a bunch of farmers and the British both fought for what they truly believed was right. And some of them died for it. And many more would die for it in the years to come. It really is awe inspiring when you sit down and think about it all. If you want to see the rest of my pictures from this part of the day, be sure to check out my album. Here are the videos I got as well:

British Marching to the Beat of their Own Drums

First New Hampshire Lines Up

A Great Colonist Turn Out

Quick Fife and Drum Band Clip

The British are Coming

But so Are We!!

A Little Bit of the Battle

For the second battle they bussed us over to the National Heritage Museum in Lexington, MA. From there we went over to Tower Park. The battle was started farther away and in the woods, but they moved down into the field and did a good bit of fighting right in front of us. Our regiment was farther down near the edge of the woods, so I couldn't really get any good videos of them, though I did get some decent photos (considering how far they were). I got a video of the British cannon being fired, the boom of the cannon made me jump quite a bit, so Lori started laughing at me (you can hear her at the end of the video). But I think I actually held the camera pretty well considering how high I jumped!! That thing is dang loud in person!! I also got some good video of some loyalists shooting off their guns. It was a great battle, a lot of fun to watch. Check out the rest of my pictures from this half of the day at my album. And here are the videos I captured:

First New Hampshire Going off to Battle

That Dang Cannon Fire

How Big was that Field?

The Colonists in the Woods

The Battle at Tower Park

Some Good Gun Firing Shots

The Beginning of the End

Watch in the Back for the Ring of Smoke off the Cannon

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