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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Tent

So once we had all of clothes ready to go, it was time for me to focus on what we needed to be able to stay overnight with the group. There was quite a list of things to gather, so we tried to start with the absolute most important and work our way down from there. The first thing we had to decide was if we were going to buy a tent or if we were going to try and stay in a hotel for the events. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of spending over $300 on the tent, so I thought maybe we could stay in a hotel near the site in Bordentown (our first overnight event). Then we would join the regiment for the days. I did some research into local hotels and I found that it would end up costing us just over $200 to stay for two nights in a hotel. Well that just seemed silly to spend that on a hotel, when for not much more I could get a tent that would last us for years and years. So the hunt was on to find the right tent.

I asked around and it was pretty much unanimous that the best tents were from Tentsmiths. I looked at the site, and was a bit overwhelmed, so I tried to figure out which one everyone else had and how they liked them. We have 3 in our family, so I wanted to make sure we could all fit nicely in there. It was suggested that we buy a French Wedge tent. We decided on the French 1750. It had a nice big bell that our son could sleep in comfortably and it was tall enough that we could stand in it (well in the middle anyway) to get dressed. We got the Flame resistant one and we had flaps added. We did not get the floor, we figured we could just use a tarp for now. It ended up costing us $375 for the tent. Bruce was also kind enough to help us (well fine he really did most .. okay all ... of the work) make our poles, which was so nice. They fit the tent just perfectly, and now we just strap them to the hood of car and we are good to go!

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